Program 2016

Seven Days of Creation Festival
14 - 20th August 2016
Castle & buffet Bunker

Sunday, 14.08.2016.

We meet again

8pm Gallery
Dajana Jurman – Osip: I am you. Exhibition.
What do scanned plants and people have in common?

9pm Castle

Alessandro Martinello (ITA): New forms of identity. Interactive video installation.

Exploring identity in pairs.

10pm Castle

Ivan Tripar: Ignotus. Film.
Setting: outside. Experience: inside.

10:30 pm Castle

Concert: Barbari

Midnight Castle
DJ Osobna

Monday, 15.08.2016.

We’ll talk about it on Monday

8pm Castle

Neva Lukić: Shadows of the seeds. Book.
Reading poetry under the stars.

9pm Castle

Group 233+3 (sponsored by Nemerik association): For God’s sake Mr. Drink, be quiet! Theatrical performance.

A man is an island. What happens when he realises that he’s on a peninsula?

10:30 pm Castle

Maya Petrovna (UK): Love songs from the violent paradise. Solo show.

Surrealistic opera performance with original music.

11:30pm Castle
DJ Itto

Tuesday, 16.08.2016.

Almost ethno

Max Reid (CHL): Art exposed. Exhibition around the town.
Traditionally produced graphic handworks exposed to the elements, space and people.

11am-1pm, 3-5pm buffet Bunker

Darko Brajković Đepeto Njapo: Pazin of my childhood. Conversation.
We talk about Pazin. An exhibition on Saturday will show us what we talked about.

9 pm Castle

Elvis Lenić: 9th january. Documentary.

Remembering a morning in Bokordići in 1944.

10 pm Castle
Goran Farkaš (mih, violin, tambura) &  Myriam de Bonte (diatonic accordion). Mih&me. Music performance.

11 pm Castle
DJ Henry

Srijeda 17.08.2016.
We’re in Bunker

11am -1pm, 3-5pm buffet Bunker

Darko Brajković Đepeto Njapo: Pazin of my childhood. Conversation.
We talk about Pazin. An exhibition on Saturday will show us what we talked about.

from 9pm Bunker

Concert: Tamas Guna

Vanja Zaimović and the electric guitar.

Concert: Šćofrnac
Profesor Drago Karan, Sebo The Goldfish i General Brus Batina

Concert and exhibition: Ilija Ludvig (SRB)

DJ Stephanie Prekali

Thursday, 18.08.2016.


9 pm Castle

Željko Bobanović: Name of theExhibition. Exhibition

A public display of works of art

Pino Josip Ivančić: What? Performance.

Whatever, we’ll talk about it, we’re people.

10 pm Castle

Dalibor Barić i Tomislav Babić:Unknown Energies, Unidentified Feelings. Experimental film.

11 pm Castle
Concert: Dusha Connection feat. Alena Baich & Trevor Brown

Modern jazz inspired by Balkan. Are you In the Mood for Merak?

Friday, 19.08.2016.
Easy Friday

8 pm Bunker

Doris Pandžić: See more… Book. Moderator: Davor Šišović.

9 pm Bunker

Concert: Domski Band

11 pm Bunker
Bunker sessions

Saturday, 20.08.2016

Just made

8 pm Castle

Halitus – experimental film workshop, Kinoklub Zagreb
ILA – ceramics workshop, mentor Henry Marić

Photo-laboratory – photography workshop, mentor Sven Stilinović

7 days of composition – music workshop, mentor Trevor Brown

Preparation– monograph workshop, mentors Tajana Reznić Brenko i Barbara Galant

Surrealism or not - fear of the open space – theatre/sculpture workshop, mentors:Valter Černeka, David Belas, Vesna Stilinović, Šandor Slacki, Renata Kaurin et al

11 pm Castle

DJ Filip Motovunski & guests
The 7ds world of creative freedom inhabited by strange creatures can be found in the heart of the magical Istrian peninsula / Croatia. Here, year after year, young and affirmed authors flock together to share their work and ideas with other like-minded individuals. 

It doesn't matter how big your portfolio is.

Join us from August 12 to 18 as part of the programme or attend on of our 7-day workshops! 

7ds workshops

Seven days of complete artistic freedom result in new works produced at the festival and presented at the final multimedial happening Just made (Upravo stvoreno).

Anyone above 18 can attend workshops, regardless of their artistic education or experience. 

2018 workshops to be published soon. 

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