Pazin Scrapbook - direct print workshop

Surface archive
Mentor: Sabina Damiani


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We look for traces of the surface of a given space at a given time and we collect or print directly on the spot. We map the city through its imperfections by the traces left by time and people. Real spaces and everyday events that create an authentic image of the city will be the guide to our research.

Our perception of a city changes with the knowledge we have about this city. A person living in a particular city will have a different perception than a person visiting it for the first time. It will be interesting to compare different views that will eventually create a common map of space, customs and people who make the city just the way it is.

We invite you to enter the city, get in touch with the citizens and let them guide you to certain places or tell you some famous or less famous stories. Once all the materials are collected, we will compile everything into a map of hidden Pazin, as it is today.

We will use hybrid techniques of manual printing, recycled, found and handmade materials and objects that will serve as matrices. We work following the principle of continuous experimentation where inaccuracy and "error" are acceptable elements of expression and an aesthetic value.

Fanzines and self-publications were part of the philosophy of historical subcultural movements, due to lack of resources and knowledge, because the authors did not bother with the technique but were interested in the communication power of the product. From the collected and printed materials we are going to create booklets (do-it-yourself publications) that will be exhibited at the final presentation on the last day of the festival.

Apply here by August 5, 2017.

14th Seven Days of Creation Festival
August 13-19, 2017
Apply by August 5, 2017.

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