The eighth day

The eighth day is a surplus, a luxury, an overflow of creation. It stands out of the routine of the „seven“, including the worker's meager weekend „freedom – the days of rest. It is a true day of Insurrection, of revolt, of festivity, of pleasure: a moment of independence from the „week“ of toil, mobbing, frustration, stress.

As a number or a digit, the symbol „8“ indicates infinity, the gnostic cosmic tail-eating Ouroboros whose beginning and ending are infinitely united. One – All in the Here – Now. In the pleroma, fullness, void… For those initiated in the mystery called The Eighth Day.


In 2007, a series of exhibitions called „The eighth day“ was held in a variety of places, from the Poreč Assembly Hall, to the Vincent of Kastav Gallery in Pula, Kortil Gallery in Rijeka and ending in 2008 with the exhibition at the Ethnographic Museum of Istria. The concept of cooperation between the artistic forces of Istria and Rijeka has been clear from the very first exhibition. The growing number of devoted admirers contributes with an additional dimension to the focus and themes chosen by the artists. At the same time, there is a continuous increase in the number of participants, who are far from merely formally present. They are people connected by their work on the arts scene, who often gather on many occasions – including „Seven days of creation“ and gallery and subgallery work (the latter being a large spatial void which is smugly avoided in the regular gallery activity). This manifestation is dedicated to Branko Mrkušić, a favoured high school teacher, critic, director and actor whose personality left a mark of significant impact in the artistic life of Poreč in the 1990s and later.

Marino Baldini

The 7ds world of creative freedom inhabited by strange creatures can be found in the heart of the magical Istrian peninsula / Croatia. Here, year after year, young and affirmed authors flock together to share their work and ideas with other like-minded individuals. 

It doesn't matter how big your portfolio is.

Join us from August 12 to 18 as part of the programme or attend on of our 7-day workshops! 

7ds workshops

Seven days of complete artistic freedom result in new works produced at the festival and presented at the final multimedial happening Just made (Upravo stvoreno).

Anyone above 18 can attend workshops, regardless of their artistic education or experience. 

2018 workshops to be published soon. 

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