Creative writing workshop “Inter-punkt”

WORKSHOP TITLE: Creative writing workshop “Inter-punkt”
The creative writing workshop “Inter-punkt” will slowly bring the participants into creative state and encourage them to find their own writing style. The word “slowly” refers to the making the relevant attitude to the creation of a short literary form or a literary discourse by being liberated of various, often self-imposed limitations. The act of writing will come through: 1) the long hours of writing and writing (either “training texts” or final results), 2) the long hours of rewriting texts, 3) the close interaction of the participants – reading and commenting on the texts.
The goal of the workshop is to create the atmosphere of the inseparability of life and writing. The participants will “experiment with life”, they will be exposed to various influences in order to feel what makes them create or not create. Since the workshop will be held at the interdisciplinary festival in an Istria town, we will try to touch the town and the festival (other art forms that will be presented) with pencils, to be their sentential connective tissue and realize the potential cooperation with the participants in other workshops of 7 DS.

START OF WORKSHOP: August 10, 2014
WORKSHOP PRODUCT: a short literary form (story, poem) or a literary discourse (essay, report)
BEFORE THE WORKSHOP: send a short literary text (one of the above listed types) of 500 words
CONTACT: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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