Šenji V


TITLE: Šenji V


CONTENT: Wind, stone wall, Apoksiomen, fig, ship, sweat, cow, pits, sopelice, mountain, pot, book, multicultural, sage, bee, Veli Jože, sea currents, symbols, the Amphitheater, stations of the Cross, aqua-park, highway, antenna................... This year again the workshop Šenji (hr. signs, marks) is thinking about marking through signs and traces. In a little bit simpler way than last years, this time it will use only wrapping paper and charcoal as mediums.
The focus of the workshop will be on drawing, and the theme is Istrian landscape. The point is to capture the mutation of the landscape through artistic expression and in the same time to keep in mind the historical, ethnical, archeological and gastronomical context. It will deal with the social and spiritual aspect of the area.
Connections with nature are typical for the mediterenian identity, therefore the goal of the workhsop is to develop the drawings of the landscape with the idea of longterm effects the landscape had and will have. The participants will be encouraged to discover their own criteria of artictic creations, taking into consideration that a drawing is a living visual language and not a dead spot on the paper. All the works created will be destroyed in the final presentation of the workshop.

PRODUCT: Drawings with charcoal on paper. Collective final presentation.
PRESENTATION: 15.08.2015.
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